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    We are suppliers of windows and doors with an extensive local, national and european distribution network and offer high quality solutions for the satisfaction of our customers with a diverse range of products tailored to individual needs. 

Our objective is for all our clients to be very satisfied with the results obtained after working with us. From our business analysis perspective in the market context, we offer the client viable and practical solutions. includes a variety of PVC profiles, which in combination with thermopane or tripan windows and high-quality hardware, are the optimal choice for good thermal and sound insulation of your home. By choosing the products of the brand, you benefit from: thermal and sound insulation, solar protection, micro-ventilation, energy saving and probably most importantly, safety. Whether you are an end customer, an individual, or a dealer, we are happy to be at your disposal at any time with our products and services.

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Supplier of windows and doors with PVC joinery and insulating glass, in Bucharest, Ilfov and national transport. The door and window systems provided meet the most demanding requirements in terms of design, thermal and acoustic insulation and respect for the environment. We offer reasonable production and delivery times. We provide our customers with PVC Salamander and Ramplast carpentry at the manufacturer's price, and we provide the final customers, individuals, with the contact details of our partners specialized in assembly. 

By working with us, you can be sure that you are getting the best thermal insulation offer on the market! 

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Unbeatable manufacturer prices and no hidden costs 

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For information please contact us or fill out the form below! We offer very advantageous conditions for our partners: 

  • manufacturer prices 
  • execution terms between 7 and 14 days 
  • setting up the presentation store 
  • delivery throughout the country 
  • promotional materials PVC 
  • carpentry calculation software 
  • specialized technical consultancy 
  • bidding and order taking department. 

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Expert advice 

We work with top manufacturers in Europe, Salamander, Ramplast, Roto, Saint - Gobain, Reze, etc.. Our offer is addressed both to those with a low budget and to those willing to purchase premium products at a decent price. We offer specialized advice provided by qualified staff with extensive experience in thermal insulation jams, doors, exterior blinds, terrace and balcony closures, etc...

Quality thermopanes, at fair prices!

We only work with the newest and most efficient pvc profiles! 

We offer double glazed windows and doors for every budget.

The wise choice: High-quality PVC joinery from Salamander and Ramplast 

 When you decide to build or remodel your home, one of the most important decisions you will make is related to the choice of window and door materials. PVC joinery is one of the preferred options due to the durability, energy efficiency and modern aesthetic it offers. 

Together, we will explore the advantages of PVC joinery and highlight the two trusted brands in this field that we do not supply: Salamander and Ramplast.

The benefits of PVC carpentry: 

  • Durability and strength: PVC joinery is known for its durability, weather resistance and ability to withstand harsh environmental factors. 
  • Energy efficiency: Providing superior thermal insulation, PVC joinery helps maintain a constant interior temperature, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.
  •  Easy to maintain: PVC material is resistant to corrosion, fading and does not require painting or special treatments, which means that maintenance is minimal. 

Salamander - Standard of Excellence: 

Salamander is a brand recognized worldwide for the superior quality of its PVC joinery. With a long experience in the industry, Salamander offers innovative and customized products, adapted to the specific needs of customers. 

Ramplast - Innovation and performance: 

Ramplast is a leader in Romania in the production of PVC carpentry, standing out through innovation and advanced technology. Ramplast products are known for their impact resistance, increased safety and attractive design.

How to choose the right carpentry for your needs: 

  • Study the technical characteristics: Analyze the technical specifications of the products offered by Salamander and Ramplast to ensure that they match your requirements.

  •  See customer reviews: Read reviews from other customers to learn about their experiences with Salamander and Ramplast products.

  •  Get expert advice: Consult a carpentry expert to make sure you're choosing the right products for your home. 

Conclusion: Choosing a high-quality PVC joinery is essential for the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Brands such as Salamander and Ramplast represent the standards of excellence in this field, offering durable and high-performance solutions. With careful research and expert consultation, you can make the right choice for your needs.


Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH, the majority family company, with headquarters in Türkheim, Unterallgäu, is one of the leading European manufacturers of economical window and door systems made of synthetic material. From its position as a reliable partner for window builders, Salamander meets the needs of its customers through quality, high availability of delivery, competent services and a high-performing product program. With the Salamander, Brügmann bluEvolution and evolutionDrive systems, Salamander customers process profiles for renovations, new housing constructions and buildings. Globally, Salamander has a workforce of 1,400 employees, of which around 60 are interns in several locations and distributes profile systems in over 70 countries around the world



6 camere

până la Uw = 0,65 W/(m²K) (cu separare termică prin oţel)

adâncime profil = 92 mm

protecție fonică = până la 45 dB


52 mm 





6 camere

până la Uw = 0,67 W/(m²K) (cu separare termică prin oţel)

adâncime profil = 82 mm

protecție fonică = până la 46 dB


48 mm





5 camere

până la Uw = 0,73 W/(m²K) (cu separare termică prin oţel)

adâncime profil = 73 mm

protecție fonică = până la 46 dB


44 mm





5, 6 și 7 camere StreamLine și GreenEvolution

până la Uw = 1 W/(m²K) (cu separare termică prin oţel)

adâncime profil = 76 mm

protecție fonică = până la 47 dB


40 și 44 mm 



Thermal insulating doors

We can make to order, on all types of pvc profiles we work with, both interior doors, bathroom doors, and exterior doors, simple or patterned, we also use decorative panels. We can execute your model too!

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